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The Power of Community for Aging Adults

Community is a powerful thing. Not only does it make people happier, but it also makes them healthier and can lead to longer lives and improved brain functioning. The power of community is strong for all generations, but aging adults will benefit significantly from social connections.

As the United States sees a growing population of seniors, more people will be aging and looking for community. For many older adults, forming new social connections and maintaining old ones can prove difficult as they experience limited mobility, illness, and isolation. But, making an effort to maintain a strong social network should be a priority for all aging adults and their families.

Benefits of Community for Aging Adults

Community is a powerful thing for people of all ages. After all, humans are social creatures, and having regular interactions with other people is beneficial to overall well-being. But aging adults especially benefit from community in the following ways:

  • Mental Health. Seniors who experience social engagement and connection with those around them are less likely to experience depression and isolation.

  • Physical Health. Strong social connections have been linked consistently to improved physical health. Studies show that adults with social support see reduced hypertension, lower risk for cardiovascular symptoms, and an improved immune system.

  • Cognitive Function. Studies have shown that social interaction and a large social network can improve brain function. Older adults with large social networks have even been shown to have a reduced risk for dementia than adults with smaller ones.

  • Lifespan. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of social connectedness in older age is its effect on the lifespan. Harvard University ran one of the most extensive studies on lifespan, and one of their most profound findings was that those with an active social life had significantly longer lifespans than those who did not.

Community for Dementia Patients

Social connectedness can prove hugely beneficial for older adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Large social circles and consistent connectedness has been linked to improved cognitive functioning in all adults. This is especially important for dementia patients. Seniors with dementia who live in a community feel less isolated, experience greater social connectedness, and retain better cognitive skills.

Aging in Community

Many adults today prefer to do what is called “aging in place.” They don’t want to leave their homes and prefer to age where they currently live. However, aging in place can bring about intense feelings of isolation. While humans form strong emotional connections to place, finding a community that promotes physical and mental health will improve outcomes for an older adult.

“Aging in community” is a way to allow older adults to age with others in a community that keeps them connected to social networks, supports, and services, so that they don't have to experience the intense isolation of solitary living. The Cedars offers private residences so that seniors can age in their own space with community and access to resources at hand, offering the best of both worlds - independence & community support.

Find Power in Community at The Cedars

Finding social connections as you age is essential for leading a healthy and happy life. The Cedars Retirement Community is a beautiful lakeside retirement residence located just outside Fort Wayne, Indiana. We offer a community environment with independent and supported living options.

Our staff believes in providing the highest quality of life and opportunity for older adults. We offer a wide array of recreational activities for our residents and plan social outings regularly. Please reach out today to schedule a visit or learn more.

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