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Care Options

Independent Living

With our Independent Living Options the resident is able to maintain his or her independence and with the needed services to do so. Our options include duplexes, personal villas, and apartments.

Assisted Living

In the assisted-living unit, our residents continue to maintain their independence with limited assistance, such as medication distribution and some help with activities of daily living, like showering, choosing clothes to wear and dressing.


With physical, occupational and speech therapies provided Healthcare Therapy Services, our goal at The Cedars is to help you resume your former life style as soon as possible. Need out-patient therapies or home health services after you return home? We’ll be happy to make whatever arrangements you need to be successful after you get back home.

Skilled Nursing

The Cedars strives to provide compassionate care to those in need of long-term care or who have been affected by stroke, heart attack, generalized debility and a number of progressive diseases. We also provide short-term therapies to those who are recovering from surgeries and many other conditions.


We welcome the opportunity to work with other hospice agencies during this time of life. Please contact us for more information.

We'd love to show you around our community! Let us know when you'd like to visit.

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