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5 Fun Senior-Friendly Fall Activities

Fall is such a special time of the year. A time of falling leaves, pumpkin harvesting, and cozy sweaters. There are so many special activities that seniors can participate in specifically in the fall season. This blog will be covering 5 different activities that are both fun and senior-friendly!

Elderly senior couple enjoying apple picking together.

Fall Foliage Walks

The falling leaves will only be around for another month. Take some time to walk or wheel around outside your community! Find a local park or plaza, grab a friend, and adventure together! Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and the various shades of red, orange, and green. Feel the crunch of the leaves underneath your feet.

Pumpkin Decorating

Traditional pumpkin carving can be a bit labor-intensive and messy with all of the scooping, cutting and cleaning up it requires. However, a senior-friendly alternative to this classic activity would be pumpkin decorating! Get some decorations and dress up your pumpkin with a hat, scarf, or shoes! Find some glue and googly eyes, and give your pumpkin some personality. Maybe even find some sticks and give your pumpkin some arms.

Autumn Nature Photography

Show off your eye for photography- there is so much beauty to be captured in this season! These sights are quickly fleeting with the coming of winter, so bring out your inner photographer this fall and capture these precious moments! Whether it’s with a phone camera or a full-on lens set-up, everyone can participate. Bring a friend along and appreciate each other’s perspective. Print out your photos together and make a photo album to commemorate the occasion.

Apple Picking & Cider Tasting

Apple season is here! Go out to a nearby apple orchard, and enjoy picking the ripe harvest of fall. Bring together some family and friends while you’re at it! When you’re done picking your cream of the crop, be sure to enjoy some cider tasting, drinking up the flavors of the season. Apple picking and cider tasting is an accessible and delicious senior day-trip idea.

Pie Baking

It’s not fall without a good pie! Cherry, apple, and, of course, pumpkin are all timeless fall options for pie baking. Pull out an old family recipe or a popular pick from online, and get baking! It’s a great way to celebrate the fall season with friends and family. Your visitors and neighbors will be sure to thank you!

We hope this list gives you some inspiration for ways that you can make each moment count of this fall season before the winter cold starts coming on! Enjoy the time you have with the seniors in your life.

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