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What Is Assisted Living Really Like?

Article by A Place for Mom

“Navigating senior living can feel overwhelming for many families as the transition can sometimes be emotional and uncertain. Having an idea of what assisted living offers on a daily basis — including activities, amenities and care — can help families better understand what their parent or senior loved one will experience there.

What Assisted Living Is Really Like

Many families are deeply affected by their elderly loved ones’ transitions to assisted living. It’s not only a highly emotional time, but also a time when decisions are expedited for quick moves resulting from declining health.

A Place for Mom expert and geriatrician, Leslie Kernisan, MD, provides insight to help families going through this emotional turmoil. She comments:

“I have seen some older adults really blossom in assisted living, mainly because assisted living often provides a lot more social activity — and even a family — for those who were lonely and even somewhat isolated in their home environment. This is especially true of older adults who had previously been having difficulty leaving home due to physical or cognitive limitations. Assisted living’s medication management services can also be very helpful, and sometimes I see seniors improve a lot medically simply because they begin taking their medications consistently.”

It’s important for families to visit and get a feel for a community to see whether it’s a good fit for their loved one’s personality and level-of-care needed. It’s not the amenities, it’s the emotional and expertise that’s important. Communities are also looking at ways to improve not just providing good care, but also exceeding customer service expectations and improving the lives of seniors through research and advocacy means.”

As Dr. Kernisan notes, assisted living continues to evolve, but it’s very important to do your research and find the right assisted living community for your specific situation.”

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