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The Cedars Auxiliary raises funds to benefit our residents.

Super Bowl Party Saved!

Super Bowl Party Saved! The Cedars was down to four days and counting until their big Super Bowl party was to begin when disaster struck–the television stopped working. That’s when The Cedars Auxiliary stepped in.

Resident/Auxiliary member Sandra Bertsch and resident/Auxiliary Secretary Michelle Koerner scrambled to find a replacement TV in time. Knowing that the Auxiliary had funds available from the sales of High’s chicken last year, Michelle got busy. She found a good deal at Best Buy, started making phone calls to Auxiliary members for their approval, and made arrangements for the purchase of a new smart 75-inch Samsung.

With the new TV as an added attraction, residents were able to enjoy the Super Bowl game along with good food (you know, yummy game-day recipes like chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms, and cheese and crackers just to name a few of the snacks available), and fun camaraderie.

The TV isn’t just for Super Bowl parties, though. Each month, the Cedars hosts a book club for the residents and the community, offering many ways to explore different genre:  audio, large-print books and watching a movie version on the TV.

Jessica Hostetler, Assistant to the Activity Director, says that the television is used daily. “Sometimes residents just want to come in and watch something, so we have it available to them throughout the day.”

Jessica also stated that The Cedars uses the smart feature of the TV a lot. “When representatives from the Fort Wayne Zoo came for a demonstration, they were able to use the TV for their presentation. We also stream shows and movies, giving residents more of a variety of programs to watch.”

The Cedars Auxiliary continues to raise funds through the sale of High’s chicken each year. This year, members will be selling on April 27, May 4 and June 22. The profit from these sales goes to help with things needed for the residents of The Cedars. “We are happy to serve and are always looking for more members who can join our team,” says Kathy Bergdall, President of the Cedars Auxiliary.

In the meantime, Activity Director Carrie Whearley and Jessica are planning an opening day baseball event on March 28. Residents are sure to enjoy watching their favorite teams battle it out on their new TV!

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