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The Benefits of Good Posture

HTS Rehab News – February 2019

The way you hold your body is posture and the way you move your body is body mechanics. There are correct ways to hold your body when you stand, walk, sit, lift and even sleep. Proper posture allows us to move in the way we want, causing our bodies the least amount of strain and damage. Adapting proper posture is an essential part to maintaining a healthy skeletal structure as you age.

1. Reduce Pain – Poor posture puts extra pressure on your discs and vertebrae and leads to injury and pain.

2. Breathe Easier – Good posture allows more space for your lungs to expand.

3. Increase Energy – When muscles are being used more efficiently it allows your body to use less energy.

4. Improve Balance – Posture is part of balance. With age, your body tends to lean forward which makes you unstable and increases your risk for falling.

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