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How to enrich your retirement with technology: A senior-friendly guide!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The world is rapidly changing, and technology continues to become more integrated with daily lives. Adjusting to these rapidly changing times can be a struggle for many, but especially seniors who have not grown up in the age of social media, streaming, and cell phones. Though technology can seem intimidating and foreign to many retired folks, we believe that it is important to help educate our seniors on how to use technology so that they can take part in the many benefits these innovations have to offer. Here are some great ways seniors can use technology to enrich their retired life!

Staying Connected With Family and Friends

Through applications such as FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom, it is easier than ever for seniors to stay connected to their family and friends even while they are separated from them! As seniors move into retirement communities away from their loved ones, it is essential for them to be educated on the usage of video calling and texting applications.

Continuing One’s Educational Journey

The internet has many resources for seniors to continue their education. Whether it be through online seminars, recipe and craft tutorials, TedTalks, YouTube videos, or podcasts, there is something for everyone. The internet is expansive enough to cover practically any interest that a senior may have. If you can think of a topic, there is most likely a YouTube channel or podcast which covers that topic. Find some online resources that you think your seniors may enjoy learning about!

Preserving Your Family’s Story for Generations to Come

Technology has given us the ability to keep a record of the things most important to us. Whether that’s digitizing family pictures and videos in the cloud, scanning important letters and documents, or writing a memoir, there are many projects that seniors can pursue to help preserve their family story for generations to come.

Keeping Your Brain Active!

It’s essential for seniors to keep their minds active while in retirement. There are many apps and websites that provide opportunities to “train your brain.” Whether it’s playing famous New York Times’ games such as Wordle, solving Sudoku puzzles, or duking it out with players around the world in online chess, there are many ways to help exercise your brain online. There are even specific websites such as Lumosity which are dedicated to “brain training” games.

We hope this list helps to inspire seniors to use technology in ways that can enrich their lives.

Whether that’s video calling friends and family from across the world, learning a new hobby through YouTube, playing some online Sudoku, or creating digital scrapbooks to commemorate important family events, we hope that seniors are able to take advantage of the marvels that technology has to offer. Though retirees may have limited capacity to travel, there is still an entire world of connection and learning available to them through technology!

The Cedars Retirement Community is a beautiful lakeside retirement residence located just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Cedars Retirement Community offers a full calendar of gathering times, hands-on activities, and fun events. Located in Leo, Indiana, The Cedars believes in providing the highest quality of life and opportunity for seniors. We want to ensure that the latter years are lived with joy, enthusiasm, and relational connections. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a tour of our beautiful lakeside retirement community.

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