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Aging Techfully

As our society increasingly leans on technology to help us perform the most common tasks, it is easy for the aging generations, which did not grow up on smartphones, tablets, and computers at their fingertips, to feel lost at how to enter the digital age. However, technology provides numerous benefits to seniors and the elderly and can improve their quality of life in a number of significant ways. Overcoming the initial hurdle of getting started is the most difficult step, but research has shown that this new generation of seniors is making that leap.

Here are some ways that technology can improve the quality of life for seniors and the elderly.


With devices like Facebook Portal, staying in touch with family and friends becomes a simple matter of learning the correct voice commands and touch screen operations. The Portal, and similar devices, allow seniors to video chat with family members and long distance friends. One benefit of this, besides the obvious connection with loved ones, is that seniors can choose the best assisted living facilities for them and are not limited by proximity to family, utilizing technology’s ability to keep people connected, even across distances.


An obvious benefit of technology is the access to a wide array of games, books, movies, and various entertainment options. As physical bodies become increasingly limited in their abilities, technology can help the mind stay sharp with games like sudoku and scrabble. Technology doesn’t require extensive storage for books, magazines, and the like, making it a smart choice for the elderly who are downsizing to a nursing home or retirement community. It can also provide support for reading handicaps, with easy access to audiobooks and other resources.

Emergency & Medical Support

As medicine and technology have been increasingly merged together, a wide array of technological devices have been developed to monitor the health of a senior and provide alerts in the case of a fall, seizure, heart-attack, and more. These devices can be life-saving and prevent further injury in emergency situations. Alongside that, communication devices like Google Home, allow you to make phone calls by issuing a verbal command. This can be a life-saving support, if a senior has had a serious fall and needs assistance from a family member or medical professional. Google Home also allows you to control home-lights, music, and more simply with voice commands, helping to reduce the challenges seniors can experience in their later years. 

The Cedars Retirement Community

It is becoming increasingly apparent that technology has numerous benefits to seniors and that they are beginning to embrace these opportunities. The Cedars Retirement Community offers a wide variety of technological support to seniors. From the latest in medical monitoring to technological fun, we are committed to improving the quality of life for you or a loved one.

If you are looking for a technologically adaptive senior living community, we’d love for you to visit us at The Cedars Retirement Community in Leo, Indiana. Whatever the need, The Cedars offers options for seniors at almost all levels of mobility and health. Located just north of Fort Wayne, The Cedars’ beautiful lakefront setting and expertly manicured grounds provide the perfect place to call home in your or your loved one’s retirement years.

We would love to show you around our beautiful retirement community in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Please give us a call to schedule a tour and see our amazing nursing homes and retirement community.

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