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4 Ways to Make Gardening Easier for Seniors

Gardening can be a refreshing activity for seniors, but as our bodies age, it can become more difficult to continue doing the bending, lifting, and carrying that gardening sometimes requires.

Here are some tips to help you keep gardening and find ways to care for your body while you do it.

Raise Your Garden Beds

If bending and kneeling is becoming too uncomfortable for you, consider purchasing or building raised garden beds. Having your garden at waist level will help save your knees and back from the pain of bending and kneeling over your garden.

Mini-Task Your Projects

If you used to be able to carry heavy buckets, dig large holes, and push wheelbarrows, but find that your capacity is diminishing, try cutting your task into smaller micro-tasks. Instead of carrying a full bucket of weeds, carry it a quarter full (or even consider just taking a small basket instead). You may end up taking more trips around the yard, but walking is good for the body, and you'll accomplish your end goal - just a little slower.

"No one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." - Edmond Burke

Consider Vertical Growing

Finding ways to get your plants off the ground will save your body a lot of stress in bending, lifting, and kneeling. There are a number of ways to grow your favorite plants at more convenient heights. For example, strawberries can be planted in on a tower shaped garden bed to make for easier picking; cantaloupes can be planted and grown on a trellis and many squash do well with these formats as well.

Invest in Tools

Consider purchasing kneeling mats, sturdy garden gloves, innovative tools, and other products to help make gardening easier and more enjoyable. There are a number of products to help reduce physical discomfort during gardening. Some ideas might be:

  • Ergonomic Shoes

  • Kneeling Pads

  • Gardening Claws (look it up! They are gardening gloves with claws on the end to make for easier digging)

  • Power Tools for digging

  • Gardening Folding Chair (with pockets for tools)

  • Weeder with claw and extension pole to reduce bending

  • Collapsible light-weight garbage bin for weeds

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